Describe a Thing You Cannot Live without (not Mobile or Computer)

Describe a thing you cannot live without (not mobile or computer); You should Say

  • What is it?
  • How long have you had it for?’
  • Why can you not live without it?
  • Explain how you felt when you were without it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Thing You Cannot Live without (not Mobile or Computer)

Well, the thing on which we have good attachment we cannot live without, whether it is a person or an item. Today I would like to talk about one such thing. Without it, I cannot live. It’s not an electronic gadget like a mobile or laptop, but it’s a treadmill which I like a lot. I cannot survive without it as it is the most needful in my life. Firstly I have seen at my aunt’s house, and then I somehow made up my father’s mind to buy this product, and from the first day I started to use it, it reduced my weight as well as it makes my day refresh my morning. Before having it, my life was so dull, and I was lazy in doing exercise, which led me to the disease of obesity and diabetes, so to rid of this treadmill is the key point in my life which helped a lot on tough days. And it has been three years since buying it. I have shared this thing with my friends and family members and suggested they use it because it will make life better and one live a long lifestyle.

Follow-ups of Describe a Thing You Cannot Live without (not Mobile or Computer)

Question 1:- Why do you think teenagers always want to have the latest devices such as the iPhone?

Answer- In this modern world, technology has played a vital role in all life, especially in the youth lifestyle. They usually want new latest items so that they can be live with the time. While for electronic gadgets, teens are blindly into them as it is very helpful for them in their study as well as in business.

Question 2:- Why do they often buy a new one even though they already have one?

Answer- In all the new products there is something new feature added so to use it youngster buy Often and if they are so needy, then they have to buy rather than have one.

Question 3:- What do they do with the old one after buying a new one?

Answer- Usually, most of them sell it, and from that money, they buy something new device. Apart from this, there is another way which is giving to the needy ones or else repair and use for side reason.

Question 4:- How hard is it for parents to convince their children not to buy an expensive phone?

Answer- It is too tough to make up a teenager’s mind in this contemporary world because they usually see the new items from their peers and fight with their parents to buy them for them. So in this situation, few guardians buy it, and most of them make a deal of studying with their children so that the gadget child will start learning the core subjects and score good marks.

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