Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend

Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend

You should say

  • When was it?
  • How you helped him/her?
  • Why you helped him/her?
  • And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend

Helping someone is better than doing nothing, but I think as a volunteer, and sometimes whenever I get the chance to help someone, I definitely do it and even say to my peers that it is more important for humanity to help someone, because we are as a social help each other in many ways, but today I want to talk about a particular time when I help my friend Rahul he was in 9th standard with me and because he was failed in his mathematics examination but after sometime when he feels despondent about it and how that he can change his overall performance in mathematics and solve great equations I helped him by giving my notebook in which I wrote a plethora of formulas by which he can easily get solutions and solved his examination questions help him by giving the information that what are the tricks and techniques are used to sell for particular questions and same technique he used it in his examination in 2015 at that time he was so frustrated

just because I spend a lot of time in mathematics and don’t to study to another project but also I was weak in Science, he also helped me similarly and meanwhile we help each other, but after helping him, I get to realize that how important it. it is to get the help of someone and also to help someone in the same way but when we both give the exams after when result declared we are just on the Moon just because the result was extraordinary and how Happy joyful it is for each other and even in a maths the number of Rahul was more than me, and I’ve blessed him for his future and also now he is in Canada Vancouver he lived with his family and even some time whenever I get the chance I called him, but after that experience, I get to know that there is nothing impossible if I help or if someone help to other human being it just makes coordination between people and it is actually the behavior of a person which actually reflect a lot of things as a human being

Follow-ups Describe a Time When You Helped a Friend

Question 1 How do people usually help each other?

Answer – People help each other by giving some money or as a physical or emotional because there are lot of things which a person cannot do but the other person can help can do at the same time, so these are the things emotionally psychologically and physically and sometimes when it comes to money that will give to each other

Question 2 How is online help different from real-life help?

Answer – I think there is a lot of differences between online and offline. Helping me call in offline, a person can easily communicate with the person. Even with the visibility, they can easily move things, and this is also called tangible help, but in an intangible, like a person is online that person and can easily give some money for that Virtually can show his or her emotions to that person. Even emotional support online would be helpful if someone is sitting overseas.

Question 3 Should school be responsible for teaching students how to cooperate?

Answer – Absolutely Aaye The because in schools most of the people or student actually get together within a class and it is the responsibility of teacher as well as the organization of school that they can enhance themselves for the coordination of people and grow their teamwork in a particular manner so they will grow in as a society be helpful for them not in professional life but in personal life as well

Question 4 What are the differences between help from friends and help from family?

Answer – Having heard from a friend is quite different but has a family it is totally different as I say about different most of the of friends actually a give me his and her notebooks and sometimes if I need some of the vehicle or accessory materialistic thing we show of a front of someone then they help me and if I talk about my family is actually help me, and also other families have their children and money if they need for clothes and the school fees

Question 5 Do you like helping others?

Answer – Although it is sometimes impossible for me to help someone just because of my hectic casual whenever I get the chance. It’s someone who needs me and asked me about that how I can help him, and I can give the advice, but unless I don’t know the reason for the person’s need, I don’t do it and even if I actually get the reason that has even can effectively change that person’s life I do my best change it.

Question 6 Are people helpful nowadays?

Answer – Nowadays it is going to be a very hard time for everyone because of the coronavirus and people are saving their money and devoting that money to a charity to help people who are not able to earn money on a daily basis, and even that people are dying out of food that underprivileged people and actually the number of helping each other is growing nowadays rather than if I talked about in the past can easily we say that people are helping each other more

Question 7 Can people trust others easily in current times?

Answer – Absolutely everything in this pandemic time everybody can trust Each Other just because people are more aware of that if they actually touch someone they can easily get attracted but at some point if it is on the death or life situation then actually help as much as the possible and even a person who is a need and want help they also get a good relationship and trust that particular person just because nowadays helping each other is more important than anything else

Question 8 What do you think is the reason behind people’s not helping behavior?

Answer – I think not helping someone can be the reason that a person doesn’t have the ability to do that, or maybe it depends on the situation that if someone is too much. That person goes to somewhere where he or she needs to attend that place or conference urgently maybe that would be the reason for if someone needs money. Even I don’t have some money to give to someone to help, even that can be the reason, but almost I would say people at some point if they are not able and are not eligible to do it don’t help the person.

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