Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Describe a time you had to learn the words of something (e.g. a poem or a song) and then say or sing it from memory. You should say:
– Where you were
– Who was listening to you
– What you had to say or sing,
– And explain how you felt about saying or singing something you had learned.

I believe that everyone has talent, among some use it for relaxation and enjoy by it while other make
career on it.

I tend to play games with my friends. In that game, one person starts to sing a song and after finishing it last letter of the last word decided the next person’s songs embarking on the letter. My friends always tell me u have a melodious voice, I have to take classes and record songs.

Whenever my friends got the chance they love to hear my song. 6 years ago, on an independent day, one of my friends was on the band for a ceremony. Unfortunately, he got a fever and cold thus he recommended my name to sing the national anthem.

Firstly I rejected it because it was in front of public and teaching staff, students as well. Later I accept it after thinking. On that day teacher announced my name and I went to the stage, I had butterflies in my stomach and my legs were shivering.

My uncle give advice me to don’t look at the audience just concentrate on my task, it is the same as when we are on the 100 floors of the building and if we look down then we afraid but not for up. I did the same as my uncle told me, hopefully, I did well, after finished everyone clapping for me but my
heartbeat wasn’t normal at that time.

The next day my friend also gives me a small party for that spectacular performance.

Follow Up Questions Describe a Time You Had to Learn the Words of Something

Why do you think it’s true that most young children enjoy learning songs and poems?

I think in this contemporary era, young generation like to cherish life and take less burden as possible, for some children. it is a career hence, they learn it.

Do you think it’s easier to remember the words to something as a child and more difficult when we become adults?

Without any doubt yes, when we were child we have no responsibility and no burden, family members use to take care of us while in adults we have to think about ourselves as well family and also lots of responsibility as a result, in busy like memorization is hard. For instance, when I was a child I could remember the majority of things however, now I need to note them down somewhere.

Do you think learning songs and poems is a waste of time?

I don’t think it is waste of time, however, for it also requires lots of time and principally personal interest for it is also matter.

How practical is it for younger students to learn facts about the world (e.g. dates in history)?

I believe that fact is always paramount and matters, youngsters can learn fact from books and research regarding of it and try to understand it. For historic data practical is not possible but a host of books and wisdom prove it.

Are there any techniques that schoolchildren can use to remember new information more easily?

I don’t think there are any tricks for memories thing quickly otherwise in every house one person was Einstein. Pupils can read information and try to remember and after some time need to read again, after few days repeat again. This is the best way to remember things quickly and for a long time.

How important do you think it is to teach young students to find and check information for themselves?

I think it is paramount, youngsters can learn something on it and this experience succors them in professional life. A child can research on and get depth and wide wisdom.

Do you think it’s a good idea to use public money for funding museums?

Why not, museum and historical place reserves our history and learning history is pivotal it help person to live better and sometimes history repeat itself so if authority use money on it then more and more people know about history especially children.

Do you think it is true that each generation must depend on the knowledge passed on from previous generations?

Well, I think no, for some erudition pass down one generation to the next. However, generations have to get insights from other sources rather than relying on one way.

Which would benefit society more, more people with a piece of broad general knowledge or more people with specialized knowledge?

I have mixed opinion for this notion, general knowledge aid people in socially while for specific task or work, according to its knowledge play significant roles. Both are different and knowledge use is also different.

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