Describe a Time You Needed to Use Imagination

Describe a Time You Needed to Use Imagination;  You should say

  • what was the situation?
  • Why did you need to use imagination?
  • What were the difficulties?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Needed to Use Imagination

Imagination is a process when a person does to make something creative and which can be more attractive to some other person but sometimes it is hard to think about what is more important in today’s circumstances as well I want to talk about a particular situation when I use my imagination and give 100% that it would be helpful for me to think about a particular phenomenon when I was in 9th standard the day competition of drawing in my class and a person who actually win that competition will go to some other state for national drawing competition that was a surprising move for me. However, I don’t know what I have to do and represent my imagination and make something more attractive by using my skills of drawing.

I was so confused at that time, but I saw trees outside the class; however, I looked around. I just thought that there is too much deforestation nowadays going on and actually they are so eligible for their things for example if everyone Cut a tree nowadays it would be an extreme loss for nature as well as it would be harmful to our overall surrounding and the global warming so I just thought about that how can I represent that people should not have to cut trees and even, on the other hand, they actually have to plant some different kind of a variety of trees which have to be beneficial for everyone’s such as the tree of fruits vegetables and neem tree which are actually present as a good symbol for the environment

So I decided to change my drawing I made some Shadows of that and people around it, and people are gaining money. Still, on the other hand, at the same time, it is destroying the whole world that I a drawing on paper. After that, I think about that how more attractive act can I make then I do some oil painting because my teacher also told me How to do it when I represent that I show it to my teacher come close to see as well as gave me good A+ also select me for that. Still, two and three other students were also chosen in the same category to go to another state for the competition. I was so happy and fantastic. I was so enthusiastic about their time because of the reason. that I never go to another state for accounting competition, but at that time I just decided that how much a different kind of aspects in light going on and all in all after that I just said that imagination is a significant criterion not only for children word for a person who is doing work so definitely it attracts me a lot and the thing to make more great is that image of something to think about more deeply that how can I order a person can use great efforts by using their mentality to show something that for imagination and I enhance it in my future different things to create on my own by using my imagination

Follow-ups Describe a Time You Needed to Use Imagination.

Question 1 Do you think adults can have lots of imagination?

Answer – No, I don’t think adults can have lots of meditation instead of that of children because children are more imaginative than adults. Adults grow weaker memory with passing each day.

Question  2 Do you think imagination is necessary for scientists?

Answer – No imagination health has nothing to do with science or scientific work as science is factual and based on reliability and validity that has nothing to do with imagination.

Question  3 What kind of jobs need imagination?

Answer – I would say musli every kind of job need imagination is because there are some planning and Critical things to develop on the same time, for example, most of the like a sportsperson have to think about that how they can play a game image in every aspect of their loss that what kind of steps they have to take as well as a businessman and the person who is a selling his product they have to imagine they can actually attract someone, so that’s a part of imagination when it is important as well as scientific job and a job of a teacher absolutely is also essential which activity of Art of imagination.

Question  4 What subjects are helpful for people’s imagination?

Answer – Mostly subject I would say a Biology as well as some physical computer science because in physical computer science with actually a person has to create theoretical things to a practical and I would say in a developing of coding and making some application to consume a person or to a customer is actually take a lot of imagination and technological and subjects as well as a physical subject for example in a Newton’s Law there are a lot of things a person can use in their use is theoretical to practical and changed the life, and the most critical subject I would say to think about imagination is a science or Rocket Science because in that a person actually have to think that is a particular subject which actually needs a lot of imagination and create and help to make a written thing into reality

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