Describe an Activity that You Do After School or Work?

Describe an activity that you do after school or work?

  • What is it?
  • where and when do you do it?
  • who do you do it with?
  • how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe an Activity that You Do After School or Work?

I do a lot of activities after my college, mostly in the evening I am free and do some kind of work such as spending time with my family and watching TV, but today I would like to talk about an activity that I do after college at the evening it is a cardio vessel exercise. It helps me to keep my body fit as a fiddle. To be honest, it was very difficult in the starting. I did this activity almost two years ago. Due to the pandemic, we stayed at our home, and I gained a lot of weight during the time period. One day I was discussing with my friend, and he told me that doing cardio will help you to reduce your weight and maintain your body fit. My friend and I do this together, no matter whether at my home or my friend’s house. Actually, in the starting, it was very difficult for me because before that, I didn’t do any kind of physical exercise. I felt cramps in my legs, and it was very painful for me almost for a week, but in a very short period of time, I used it, and I do it like a hobby. After a month, I checked out my weight, and I left all 4 kg. I got motivated after that and did this exercise with more energy and enthusiasm. Now I do almost 40 minutes every day. I feel very energetic after doing this it is not only beneficial for our physical body but also our mental health so this is an activity which I do in the evening after my study period.

Follow-ups of Describe an Activity that You Do After School or Work?

Question 1:- Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

Answer- Actually, it depends on their own thinking, but in my opinion, I think they feel satisfied and do dangerous work in their life to win in front of their fear, so that’s why they like to do extreme sports.

Question 2:- A man more likely to do adventure sports than women?

Answer- Differences are totally disappeared nowadays, so men and women do the same things in society. If I talk about adventure sports, then women also do scuba diving and river rafting like a man.

Question 3:- What are some popular outdoor activities in India?

Answer- Like other countries, there are a lot of activities, and ya which people do outside such as playing cricket and football with their friends and siblings as well as they go shopping and watching movies in the cinema, so these kinds of activities people like to do in India out of their home.

Question 4:- What do young people do in groups?

Answer- Masses do various kinds of things when they get together, like go shopping, watching movies taking a meal and playing some kind of games, so these types of things are popular when people are in a group. If I talk about some serious work such as a student, make their presentations and a group and discuss their ideas related to study as well as employees share their knowledge about their work.

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