Describe a Skill that Was Difficult for You to Learn: IELTS Speaking Test

Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn:

  • When did you learn the skill?
  • What skill was that?
  • Why did you go for that?
  • How you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Skill that Was Difficult for You to Learn

The global economic meltdown has forced people to become Jack of all trades, but masters of none, in order to earn a living. Well, roughly two years ago, I went to learn a skill to add to my profession as healthcare personnel. I enrolled for a two-year practical experience non-sewing and made the complete payment. As part of the agreement, I attended demonstrations three times a week. Regrettably, six months into the experience, I was finding it difficult to operate the sewing machine. However, at the expiration of 1 year, I learned some cutting techniques and also how to operate the sewing machine. Finally, it was a dream come through. I felt accomplished that my money was not spent in vain, and also, I have got another skill that could fetch me some income in future.

Follow-ups of Describe a Skill that Was Difficult for You to Learn

Question 1. What skills do students need to master?

Answer- First of all, people in institutions of learning should learn good writing skills and mental mathematical skills, as they will need this all through their lives.

Question 2. Is it hard for students to learn a new skill?

Answer- Basically, there are factors that affect the learning of a new skill, such as age, mode of teaching, and the interest of the learner. Generally, the younger the learner of skill, the faster it is learnt. Also, the method of teaching employed does affect learning, too.

Question 3. Is it hard for old people to learn new skills?

Answer- Yes, as I earlier pointed out, age does affect the learning of new skills. To illustrate, I once read an article by the Paediatric Association of Newyork.
A paediatrician rightly pointed out that the learning of new skills is best introduced between the ages of 7–11 years. In my opinion, I feel it is cumbersome for the aged to start learning new skills, especially when it is technologically driven.

Question 4. Being a good teacher is very important for students learning experience.

Answer- Definitely, the presence of a good teacher in the grooming of students is quite crucial. Firstly, if a teacher is not well behaved, it will tell on the behaviours of the students. Likewise, if she is talkative, the attention span of students will be affected, which will inadvertently affect their academic performance.

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