Describe an Ambition that You Have Had for A Long Time


Describe an ambition that you have had for a long time; You should say

  • What is it?
  • What did you do for it?
  • When can you achieve it?
  • And explain why you have this ambition?

Sample Answer of Describe an Ambition that You Have Had for A Long Time

Well, being a senior educator, I dream always to work ahead of the institution. Last year I enrolled myself for a special post-graduate course in education, and I have been attending pieces of training and workshops to make myself equipped with the kind of work if I get an opportunity. Well, this is an interesting question that is close to my heart. I find myself suitable in the next two years after I finish my training.

Well, being in education for 20 years, I always had the ambition to work as a team leader for that I worked hard in understanding child psychology, so this is the reason I am planning to serve as a team head and work in a different role.


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