Some Say That Due to Heavy Traffic Government Needs to Build More Roads

Some say that due to heavy traffic government needs to build more roads in metropolitan cities. While others argue that this is not the right solution. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

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Past few years, traffic congestion was seen in urban areas. Some people believe that one solution is that the bureaucrats require to develop more road in the city, however, on contrasty, other argued that it is not the better and right solution. I partially agree with the latter notion, my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, there are numerous reasons behind it that indicate to mitigate this tribulation forging more road is not the better and right way. First and foremost, to making a road, lots of money required while the elected governor can use funds drop by drop because this money is for improving infrastructure and public facilities. Secondly, making bridges and roundabouts is also another option especially for high alert traffic areas such as the city center. Finally, before embarking advancement of road, necessary requirements is free up space, it disaster effect of a pernicious citizen who lives in a slum.

On the other hand, making road is also considered a solution. Owing to the majority of citizens who live in metropolitan, their work or job away from home, outside and surrounded side of the city, it is main reason behind heavy traffic. In case government creates more sub road under their legal border it reduces traffic. Furthermore, if have more ways to reach the location then people also use another way.

To end with, some people feel that in a megacity, for heavy traffic the authority can make more road whereas, other claimed that, there are other solutions. I believe that making more and more roads is expensive for government funds. There are other solutions that can tackle this such as make bridges, roundabouts in congestion areas.

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