Talk About Your Favourite Day of The Week

Talk about your favourite day of the week

You should say

  • what day it is?
  • What do you usually do on that day?
  • How is this day different to you from other days of the week?
  • And explain why this is your favourite day of the week?

Sample Answer of Talk About Your Favourite Day of The Week

Every day of the week is very important to me. But my favorite day is Sunday because it is the weekend and I can spend my quality time with my friends and lead us on that particular day. On Sunday. Mostly I will be free. So I will be going out with my friends or my parents to a mall or to watch movies. Sometimes we will have some food outside like dinner or lunch we will be going to a good restaurant and tasting some new cool same foods every weekend. Because on a weekday, we will not be free and I will be very busy the hectic work, and there is no time for relaxation on weekdays. So on weekends, we can find ourselves relaxing and calm, and they will be more time, and we can spend time to realize ourselves and motivate ourselves to work more on upcoming weekdays. On Sunday Moreover, they will be lots of new shows and movies will be telecasted on television. If I am not going out, I will be watching some new programs, all the shows on television, and I spend the whole day with my family.

Follow-ups Talk About Your Favourite Day of The Week.

Question 1 Which day of the week do you like most?

Answer – on Sunday, there is only one day to take relax and to for God all over the world, and we can spend time with our family. And we can do other activities, other extracurricular activities, like spending time for ourselves like going to a gym or playing with my friends, whatever activities I have to do, I can do on that particular day. Other than the days, I was not able to do these such things.

Question 2 How can You enjoy Sunday at home?

Answer –Just on Sunday, I will spend my time with my family. And it’s possible the kowtow out and spend the whole day, and we will have lunch or dinner together. Then if we had more time, I used to watch a movie that was released late recently on Netflix. We will be seeing movies and having snacks to gather families on Sunday.

Question 3 What do families do on Sunday?

Answer –on Sunday, we will have good food at home making many dishes, and sometimes we will have a big fest on that day. And we all talk and chat together in the garden in the evening times it gives a feeling of going picnic.

Question 4 How do You enjoy the fun and enjoy life?

Answer –Life is very short, so we have to spend the good times through life by keeping ourselves happy and joyful. We have to talk and mingle with others, and then only we don’t feel alone, that makes you down. You have to motivate every day to stay happy and blessed.

Question 5 What do you think about names of the days important in everyone’s life

Answer –The day they were born was very special to everyone. On that particular day, they do some good deeds and help others. Everyone has different important days. For example, I was born on Monday. So I feel blessed whenever the day Monday comes.

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