Describe an App you know IELTS Speaking 

Describe an App you know IELTS Speaking 

  • What the app is,
  • How does the app use for,
  • how did you know this app,
  • Why do you use this app?

Sample Answer of Describe an App you know IELTS Speaking

Well, undoubtedly, technology has brought many alterations in people lives. It made life easier and comfortable. There are various applications that are demanding these days owing to the cutthroat competition between aspirants. Here I would like to share such a mobile application that I know, and I use it daily.

The name of the application is Whatsapp. It is a social networking program.

Stretching back over three years, this app was recommended by my bosom friend. Actually, I found it difficult to converse with my brother who is living abroad since international calling charges much amount to communicate. When I discussed my problem with my friend, then he told me there is one app available in the play store which is very convenient to make virtual contacts with kith and kins. On top of it, this app is totally free, with no calling charges. And we can communicate with others at any time with the internet facilities. After hearing profound benefits, I instantly started downloading this app. From that time period, I have been using the same app on my mobile phone for social networking.

Now, I am not using this app for solely calling with others but also for sharing information, pictures, videos among my contact number.

Last but not least, I would like to say that this is the best app for communication purposes. In recent times, many entrepreneurs started using this app for business purposes to sell their products. Similarly, I am also using this app to share my boutique pieces among the customers to sell them at an international level.

Follow ups Describe an App you know IELTS Speaking 

Question 1:- Which phone app is the most popular in your country?

Answer – Well, various new apps have been invented these days. Everyone has different choices and views about these available apps. However, it is believed by me that most people prefer to use social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. Through these apps, they share their emotions and feelings with their close ones and get a chance to make new friends. So, they mostly have such a genre of apps on their mobile telephones.

Question 2:- Do you think the parents should limit the time their children spend on the phone?

Answer – Yes, definitely, parents should cut off the time available on the phones as it affects them badly. Owing to the profound use of mobile phones, many children’s are confronting eyesight problems as well as academic problems. Apart from this, mobile phones limit the physical activity of children and communication with their parents. Hence, after looking at these bad impacts, parents should restrict the use of phones up to some extent.

Question 3:- Do you think people depend on phone apps too much?

Answer – Yes, It is an undeniable fact that a number of people are becoming dependent on mobile phones due to the advancement of technology. Different age groups use mobile applications for different purposes. For instance, Children use apps for playing games; students use them for education and entertainment; workers use them for remote work, infotainment; holders use them for getting up to date news as well as entertainment. Thus, a wide range of apps is used by individuals in their daily life.

Question 4:- Do you think some apps will help people to study?

Answer – Of course, certain apps are very beneficial for the students to study. They broaden their knowledge and boost their confidence. Also, educational applications save their time as they can download every field of the app on their mobile telephones and don’t need to turn the pages of the book; with one search, they get a wide range of information. As a consequence, I would say that these apps are extremely useful for the learner.

Question 5:- What kinds of apps do you have on your phone?

Answer – Well, a number of apps are downloaded by me on my phone. I have been using them for three years. I have WhatsApp, Instagram, Google Maps, Wynk music, several video game apps. All in all, these are the apps that I have been enjoying on my mobile phone.

Question 6:- What are the drawbacks of having too many apps on your phone?

Answer – Well, there are so many disadvantages of using a plethora of apps on mobile phones. The first and foremost drawback of it is they consume so much time, owing to this we distracted from our goal. Secondly, it needs much storage space and battery life. Due to this, sometimes our mobile phones have screen hangouts at short intervals. The phone doesn’t work regularly.

Question 7:- How much time do you spend on these Apps?

Answer – To be honest, I don’t like to squander my time on using many apps. BUT I use a few apps like WhatsApp, Google map, dictionary, IELTS preparation etc., for useful purposes such as for communication, to widen my horizon, to get directions and to learn the foreign language. So, these are the apps that I tend to use in my regular routine.

Question 8:- Do you like to look for new Apps or just keep using the old ones?

Answer – Instead of looking for new ones, I prefer to use old ones because I am familiar with them and I can operate them easily. If I start using the new app, then I will have to gain more knowledge about that particular app, like its function and features. So I don’t look forward to getting new apps on my mobile phone.

Question 9:- Do you use free APPs or the ones that you need to pay for?

Answer – Actually, it depends on the uses of apps. Mostly I prefer to use free of cost apps. There are some apps, and we have to pay for them. For example, cambly. It is a good app for international language practice, and we get a chance to communicate with native speakers. This application costs monthly charges to use it.

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