Describe an Ideal Job You Wanted to Do When You Were a Child

Describe an ideal job you wanted to do when you were a child

  • What it was,
  • How you knew this job,
  • What you should learn to get it,
  • Why do you like it

Sample Answer of Describe an Ideal Job You Wanted to Do When You Were a Child

As we know, childhood is most of the innocent phase of our life. And also we don’t have any knowledge about anything. So by seeing elders, we learn some things, and I also have one of the ideal jobs which I decided to do during my childhood was to be a teacher.

Earlier, when I used to go to school, I used to notice each and every moment of the teacher teaching. The way she teaches and sometimes I also notice her clothes and accessories. From that moment, I got an interest in being a teacher one day. I even sometimes mimic teachers at home and used to teach myself. Most of the time, I also tried to copy the attire of the teacher.

With the growing interest in teaching, I decided to do be a teacher one day. But, after completing my primary and secondary education, my goals changed, and I preferred engineering. But presently, as teaching was an ideal job, I am taking tuitions of primary students. With this, I am able to achieve my interest and passion in one or another way.

Follow-ups Describe an Ideal Job You Wanted to Do When You Were a Child.

Question 1:- Do you think you want to take up this job?

Answer – Yes, definitely, teaching was my passion, but engineering was my interest and doing a job in this field is none other than beneficial.

Question 2:- Which occupation should be given better pay?

Answer – As I belong to the core branch, which is civil engineering so doing business would be a better option as compared to jobs. Although the business has a greater risk, still it will give good pay.

Question 3:- Is being rich a good thing?

Answer – Yes definitely, who does not want to be rich. Everybody in the world is rushing after money so that they can afford whatever they want, and they never have to see a price tag before they buy something. But bow days becoming rich is non-other than has become showoffs which is definitely the wrong turn of richness.

Question 4:- Do you think people should save for the future?

Answer – Yes, definitely, people must save for the future. As we know, time is not constant all days, so for the difficult times, we should save so that it can be useful whenever necessary.

Question 5:- What makes a person choose a job apart from the pay it offers?

Answer – Apart from the salary, a person work of interest will matter the most. For instance, if one’s interest is in the planning and dreaming about doing job in one of the most well-known company but in-return if it gives less salary then he/ she will work as it is his/ her area of interest. Moreover, interest will increase effort and simultaneously increase productivity which will affect directly or indirectly the salary.

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