Some Employers Offer Their Employees Subsidized Membership of Gym or Sports Clubs

Some employers offer their employees subsidized membership of gym or sports clubs, believing that this will make their staff healthier and thus more effective at work. Other employers see no benefit in so doing. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is an irrefutable fact that sound body and mind are the requisite factors for high-quality work performance. That is why many employers render sports and gym membership in order to develop diligent robust employees while others simply don’t invest in it. In my opinion, I believe that appropriate guidance, motivation, and reward in collaboration with these initiatives will altogether definitely bring a positive outcome in the work performance of employees.

On the one hand, subsidizing gym and sports membership to the workers will eventually develop optimal task achievement. It is apparently clear that high-spirited sportive workers are less likely to take sick leaves; thus, it will make the least maladjustment to work. Moreover, rewarding the workers with this kind of incentive will certainly reduce workers turnover and improve the harmonious relationship between the employees and employers. Additionally, offering sports membership by companies will implicitly convey the message that employers do care about the week being of employees along with profit-making. It seems to me that it’s a wishful notion for improving a companies outcome through owning its employees. For instance, The owner of Microsoft, sir Bill gates, once said in his ted talk that he constantly boosts the employees and spends some quality time with them rather than sitting in the office and also provide more rewards for improving the rapport and work performance.

On the other hand, despite these arguments, some people say that rewarding the laborers with subsidizing gym services will cost no profit. That kind of people generally focusing on the company’s profit and reputation rather than employees well being. Remarkably, they advocate salary credit and salary hikes will eventually produce optimal work performance. Moreover, job satisfaction and reasonable workloads will help the workers to identify the goals of their job and work according to that it will eventually help them to excel in work performance. I couldn’t support this notion owing to the boon that gym sponsorship from the companies will definitely boost the immune and work performance of the employees. For example, Some companies provide salary hikes for each task achievement hence the company outcome also boosting instead of delivering sponsorships.

In conclusion, there are some companies delivering sports and gym club membership to their employees is one of the efficacious approaches for improving the company outcome by enhancing the workers well being, whereas other companies rely on monetary measurements than monitoring the health of workers. I deem that introducing rewards to increase the laborer’s work performance will largely affect the positive outcome of the company.

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