Describe an Important Day in Your Life

Describe an important day in your life. You should say:

  • when was it?
  • what happened on that day?
  • if it was a positive or negative day for you?
  • and explain why this was an important day for you.

Sample Answer of Describe an Important Day in Your Life

Days have their own importance in everyone’s life. Well, I remember so many days which I will never forget. However, I would like to talk about the most auspicious ceremony of my life. My sister’s marriage, Which happened last year in the month of July.

We belong to a typical Hindu family. We invited our all relatives and friends to the celebrations that started three days prior to the event. We all were very happy and preparing for rituals. Everyone was going here and there for work. As the venue of marriage was far away from our residence so was arranging taxis and collecting things which we have to take with us to the venue.

Time was running, and I was tense due to the lack of time. Fortunately, everything was gone smoothly, and I had a wonderful experience. I felt very positive because all the arrangements were going superb, and I did face any trouble while preparing things. Finally, when marriage got over, I was over the moon. I was very happy also had tears in my eyes by reason of my sister was going far away from us. And I really enjoyed each and every moment of my sister’s marriage, so that was the which I never forgot in my life.

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