Talk About the Importance of Planning

Talk About the Importance of Planning

Sample 1

Well on every day after I wake up, I plan my day in advance, and today I want to talk about the importance of planning, so I believe planning make our task or work easier, and we can perform it very smoothly. Like, when I had completed high school in 2012 and got admission to IHM Bhopal, which was far away from my hometown Jaipur, and I decided to live in a hostel. So it was the month of July in 2012 I started shopping one month ahead for basic accessories and amenities which is required to fulfil the daily needs such as cosmetics, soaps, shampoo etc. and bought some garments and a pair of shoes. And my mother prepared long-lasting homemade food, which I had whenever I needed it. In my perspective, it is not mandatory that we only plan our special days or a long term plan, even though we can plan our day to day life, whether it’s personal or professional. For example, every day, I have to attend a meeting with my manager, and before that, I make my own presentation with all facts and figure, which further help me to cascade my message in a better way, and the boss also understands well.

Sample 2

Planning plays a very crucial role in everyone’s life. Unplanned things, events or life goals can ruin everything. Planning has a specific strategy to follow, which leads to success in achieving setbacks. For instance, your aim is to go abroad for work purposes; So, to fulfil that, you need to groundwork from preparing for IELTS then appearing for exams, thereafter applying for the visa and then choosing the appropriate city for work. So, planning is a whole process until the aim is succeeded. Furthermore, planning also helps you to identify barriers that may hinder you in your success path. Consequently, it also makes you proactive to forecast situations that you are not aware of. Therefore, the organization of things or live events before their accomplishment is essential for a favourable outcome.

Sample 3

There is numerous significance of planning. A well-prepared plan could bring real success to the follower. For instance, when a person plans for a career from a very early stage of life, he can surely meet up his goals by setting the timeline and following his plan. Another most effective way to plan is one could avoid possible hurdles which may occur in the future. So a person can take alternatives to reach his goal or destination. Also, planning reduces the chance of error in important meetings and projects, which are crucial in the success of collaboration in the business world. In addition to it, when people go shopping with a planned shopping list, there is less chance not to pick up any necessary goods or products, and they could get all the things they thought to have.

Sample 4

Well, planning plays a vital role in human’s life. Today, I would like to talk about the importance of planning. Firstly, in order to get success in life, planning is crucial because everyone does work according to their planning. For example, a chunk of students makes time table for their study in order to prepare themselves for examinations. If we talk about the business, the businessmen if launch any product firstly see its benefits and then launch. As a result, they would reach their business at its peak due to planning. Moreover, planning makes people punctual and less lazy. Sometimes things do not happen according to people planning, so if they plan of success and failure collectively, it helps them alot because if one plan is failed, then they can follow the second one. At last, I would say that to get success in life, planning is essential. Planning is thinking in advance about what is to be done, when it is to be done, how it is to be done and by whom it should be done. It bridges the gap between where we are standing today and where we want to reach. It involves setting objectives and deciding in advance the appropriate course of action to achieve this objective. Another cogent aspect of planning to give attention to is time. Plans are always developed for a fixed time period as no business can go on planning endlessly.

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