Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

Describe something that you want to learn more, You should say:

  • What it is
  • How you would learn it
  • Where you can learn it
  • and explain why you want to keep learning it.

Sample Answer of Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

I really have a passion for learning playing the piano very much and really often. I didn’t get the opportunity to learn it in my childhood years, but since it is one of the instruments I love to see people playing, I have gained the passion for learning to play it too, and this is why I want to be learning it very often so I can become perfect on it.

I am planning to have classes on the practise sessions, and also I have downloaded some tutorials on YouTube, which I will be watching on a frequent basis to help boost my practice sessions and help me gain more knowledge on the various parts of the instrument and also some few tricks which I should know as I am learning it.

On this note, I have noticed a classes session on this instrument in my town where I can learn to play it. I really want to learn this instrument because it is my favourite instrument and since I am a music lover, it would be a bonus to me knowing how to play the keyboard as I sing along and this would be very fun and interesting.

Follow-ups of Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

Question 1. What skills do students need to master?

Answer:- Students should learn how to plan their studies very well. Since there are a lot of different schedules for them every week, it is better for them to know how to plan their studies so they can catch up with time every day.

Question 2. Is it hard for students to learn new skills?

Answer:- Sometimes, it is. But on the majority level, it all depends on how determined one is to learn new skills.

Question 3. Is it hard for old people to learn new skills?

Answer:- Old people usually do not have the passion for doing new things since they are with the idea that they need not any new ideas to do anything.

Question 4. Is a good teacher very important for students learning experience? Why?

Answer:- A good teacher has always been a very important one for a student’s learning experience. A good teacher always notices the weaknesses of their students and find means to help them fill the potholes so they can achieve whatever they want.

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