Describe Something You Would Like to Do if You Were Given a Day Off

Describe something you would like to do if you were given a day off. You should say:

  • what you will do?
  • where you will do it?
  • what you will need to do it?
  • and explain why you will need a day off to do it?

Sample Answer of Describe Something You Would Like to Do if You Were Given a Day Off

Right now, I am doing research for which I need extra time, so if I get a day off, I will spend the time doing my research. I will go to the library and refer to different books which can help me. In addition, I will go to school to meet my advisor so that I can discuss with her in person. The last time she gave me a comment on the proposal I wrote, I had a few technical questions on the comment, so it will be nice talking to her to clear the confusion I had, and it will be a good ingredient for the success of the research. 😍😍The other thing I will do in relation to this is that I will give an orientation to data collectors; I am supposed to train four data collectors. I will give them a highlight on how to fill the questionnaire, how they should undergo the interview, how necessary covid 19 precaution is supposed to be taken. After training them, I will see if they understand what was said by collecting data from a few samples and if there is a challenge, I will solve it. You have no idea how much relief I would get if I had a day off and was able to do these activities.🙌

Follow-ups of Describe Something You Would Like to Do if You Were Given a Day Off

Question 1:- If a person gets a day off, what do they prefer to do with this time, social work or personal work?

Answer:- From my observation, I think most people do social activities if they get a day off. This is because most people will work throughout the week and are unable to participate in social events, which are on working days. So, whenever individuals are free from work, they do such kinds of social activities. Though, these days the sense of social life is getting lost from the majority of the population.

Question 2:- What’s the difference between past and present to spending free time?

Answer:- In the previous time, the common way of spending leisure time was by visiting family or hang out with friends. People make appointments to see loved ones at times when they are away from work. However, at present, because of social media, it is possible to communicate with anyone irrespective of the geographic location at any time. So, to meet a family member during free time is not common, rather watch movies, visit new classic hotels or do shopping is the common practice currently.

Question 3:-According to you, why do older ones prefer to spend their day off with their near ones instead of going outside?

Answer:- I think elderly people tend to spend time at home caring for their family or being carried by loved ones, as compared to adults’ old people don’t have much commitment to make them go out on days off. And I think it is a kind of culture to come and meet elderly people, where they are staying. So most of the situations allow old people to stay home. However, young individuals are wager to go out, and they seek a reason to go somewhere. Moreover, they want to explore and enjoy rather than spend time at home.

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