Describe Your First Day at School or College

Describe your first day at school or college

  • Where it was?
  • What happened,
  • how you feel on that day

Sample Answer of Describe Your First Day at School or College

My college was not too far from where I was staying with my parents, approximately 45 minutes from home.

I had my admission letter inscribed for me to report to the school on one Thursday morning, and since there was going to be many people coming on the same day, too, I had to be there earlier to avoid any frustrating moments and get everything done in the right way. So I went with my family, mum, dad and my little sister. When we got there, I was so nervous because that was a whole new place for me in my whole life since it was definitely going to be my time staying away from home, and I had a whole lot of thoughts in my head.

After cross-checking all my documents and luggage, I was shown my hostel where I was going to stay. So I had to send my luggage there, and my parents and my little sister said they were waiting for me to return from that place, but unfortunately, I came to meet their absence only to call and find out that they were gone already, which made me very sad.

I was so devastated because they left without informing me, and I had to be on my own the whole day since I knew no one in that place; I was very sad, to be frank.

Follow-ups of Describe Your First Day at School or College

Question 1:- Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves?

Answer:- Students should be taken to school by their parents provided the condition is favourable. This will give their parents a fair idea of where their ward is going to school and how their life would be.

Question 2:- Should children rely on their parents or be independent?

Answer:- Children should be relying on their parents since they are providing for them in all aspects of their life.

Question 3:- How can children become more independent?

Answer:- Children can become independent when they stay in a boarding school where their parents are not closer. This will help the child to make some decisions for themselves and stay independent for a while even though they would have to take money from their parents, yet still, they will be the ones to take care of themselves and whatever they are doing.

Question 4:- What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?

Answer:- Children lose the ability to make some simple decisions for themselves, and they are always found wanting when they lose a little distance from their parents and also are faced with separation anxiety when they leave their parent’s side.

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