Discuss the Reasons Why More Young People Study Abroad Than in Their Home Country

Discuss the reasons why more young people study abroad than in their home country. Discuss the Reasons?

Nowadays, the foreign study trend is increasing among the young generation rather than pursuing education in their homeland. People have multiple opinions about studying abroad. First and foremost, high-quality education from various institutes and in addition exploring opening to perceive the world.

To embark with, a multitude of people are interested in studying in foreign nations owing to standard quality education in the twenty-first century. As a result, this study can develop new ideas in their home country. For instance, a plethora of scientists and doctors appeared in advanced courses such as biotechnology and MBBS abroad to adopt foreign technologies in their particular motherland. Accordingly, it is all beneficial for their people. Secondly, studying abroad can give a privilege for youth to identify the distinction between national and international education systems. Additionally, they also have a chance to get a foreign degree which will help them in future endeavors.

On the flip side, studying in developing nations such as the USA, UK and Canada offer people high-income and white-collar jobs. For example, numerous multinational organizations in India select fresher’s who have higher education in foreign countries as well as allow them to pay high wages and positions in companies. Apart from that, exploring a foreign country is always helpful to exchange culture and languages. It is a very adventurous experience in foreign to make new friends, learn new things and their mother tongues which have exposure to different traditions.

To sum up, it is visible that young people plan to study in foreign rather than in a home country with a wide range of advantages reasons. Some want to get better educational Opportunities while others acquire a knowledge of foreign cultures and languages.

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