Discuss when If Ever Capital Punishment Can Be Viewed as A Valid Punishment for A Crime

Discuss when, if ever capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for a crime. Give reasons for your answer and use specific examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, Capital punishment has been abandoned in most parts of the world. However, in a few countries around the globe, the death sentence is still legalized. In fact, a death warrant will be issued for serious disobedience, which can endanger the lives of individuals or cause substantial harm to society. Generally, there are different arguments about whether the execution of criminals is advantageous or not; in my opinion, the advantage outweighs the limitation, and I will explain my reasons as follows.

In my country, there was a time when capital punishment was in place; as a result, everybody was afraid of violating rules and regulations. For instance, at the heat time rate of rape, homicide and robbery were very low. Because the fear of the responsibility of people was high and the chance of commenting on such a criminal act had been reduced, this had a positive impact on the day to day life of the society. The other importance was, by default, children will be raised by having acceptable behaviour, the community used to believe that all acts of crime were taboo. Hence, the country had a very productive population.

On the other hand, In the last 30 decades, capital punishment was not implemented in the country. Owing to this, people started to adapt to committing serious crimes (like raping, killing, robbery and so on). And the system makes the criminals be confident that whatever punishment is passed on them, they may get released one day. Furthermore, the number of crimes and the severity as well has been increasing from time to time. In addition, the security-related cost of the government is increasing, manmade traumas are also increasing, but Such kinds of illegal activities could have been prevented if capital punishment had been allowed.

On the other hand, if the legal system is corrupted, judges and other officials in power may abuse the system and may use it to fully fill their personal interests. Therefore, the responsible body should avoid malpractice and eliminate unfair treatment of suspected persons and the community at large.

In conclusion, if capital punishment is applied appropriately, it would have several benefits for society.

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