Family Members and Friends Caring for Elderly People Find It Hard to Spend Enough Time Looking After Them

Family members and friends caring for elderly people find it hard to spend enough time looking after them. What are the causes of this problem? What solutions can you suggest?

It is true that individuals and friends for kind-hearted for senior citizen persons notice it hard to occupy adequate time look after. In my opinion, that it is maintained good relation and some solution to rectify this issue from my perspective.

To commence the view, that people can busy with their life or a social media. To elaborate, if an individual can engage with their work, they do not have time to take care of old age people. Moreover, few of them are using social media, and they are completely wasting their valuable time in making use of mobile phones. Thus, by getting not, any person in family or friend can warm-hearted to an old person.

For the straightening, the views, to improve bonding between the individuals and old people. To explicate it, if the geriatric person is physically or mentally not stable, it is our responsibility to take catering and stay with them. Additionally, if the aged people are stable or they can do their activities on their own, then the individual feel relaxed stress-free. Moreover, most government law is they can provide care to older citizens at their doorstep. As a result, caring and spending time with them makes them feel happy and safe to them.

To conclude, improving bonding and taking care of senior citizens makes not only feel comfortable but also they make feel happy and enthusiastic.

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