In Many Countries, Paying for Things Using Mobile Phone Apps Is Becoming Increasingly Common

In many countries, paying for things using mobile phone apps is becoming increasingly common. Does this development have more advantages or disadvantages?

In this contemporary era, it is quite common to use gadgets for dong payments even this is getting popular in developing nations. Some people think that the online payment system has several drawbacks. However, I am inclined to advocate that this innovation has certainly brought myriad benefits.

Nowadays, people have become tech-savvy, and they think this is a convenient way of making payments. In other words, they do not have to take cash with them at any place and can pay with a single click. For instance, a businessman does not have to carry a huge amount of paper cash with them in a crowded place.

Furthermore, A person can easily transfer a huge amount to another person within the blink of an eye. Moreover, one does not have to keep track of payments as the applications themselves maintain a whole record of transactions. Concurrently, people can even do transfers in public holidays due to this they can pay their electricity and other bill payments on time these people tend to use this kind of platforms more rather than depending upon old methods.

On the other hand, These platforms are not secure, due to which there is a fear of cyber attacks. On top of it, Using mobile phones for payments is not everyone’s cup of tea. For example, illiterate people fall into the trap of hackers, and they lose their hard-earned money due to less knowledge of security guidelines.

To conclude, Making an online payment is not that secure, but still, I advocate that there are several advantages of doing payment by gizmos that outweigh the disadvantages because they allow quick transfer anywhere at any time. So there is a need to make proper security guidelines so that people can make their payments securely.

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