Many Parents Are Interested in Homeschooling and The Trend Is Gaining Popularity

In some countries, many parents are interested in homeschooling, and the trend is gaining popularity. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

The majority of parents prefer their children to learn academics from their home through homeschooling, and it is becoming more popular these days in various countries. However, they are more benefits to homeschooling. I believe that disadvantages are more than the advantages. The main benefit of having homeschooling is that the students will get the individual teacher’s attention.

In other words, the children can concentrate more, and they would be no distraction while studying at home. Another reason that this teaching style would be advantageous is that if a guarantee of safety, there will be no fights, and violence should happen, which can occur when children go to school. For example, parents must be monitoring the activities of the children at home, but it is not possible when they go to school, so they won’t commit any to undisciplined activities.

On the other hand, they are many obvious drawbacks of having homeschooling. Firstly, there won’t be any interaction with their peer groups and the different kinds of teachers. Hence, the children feel isolated and mentally inactive. Secondly, the facilities and sufficient resources will not be used by the kids who are learning from their homes. As a result, the student should not receive any practical knowledge. For instance, practical education can be achieved by attending lab sessions that are available only in school.

Law Lastly, the students will not be able to play games with their fellow students. Therefore, children possess health issues such as obesity, diabetes in their future life. In conclusion, even though school homing has its merits, nothing can be better than sending the child to traditional school.

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