In Most Countries, Multinational Companies and Their Products Are Becoming More and More Important

In most countries, multinational companies and their products are becoming more and more important. This trend is seriously damaging our quality of life. Do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words.

Although, many people believe that in most countries, multinational companies or global industries and their kinds of stuff are becoming more and more important so that the impact of this trend seriously damaging our quality life. I inquire, I think in a reverse manner, and I disagree with this statement. My positions are discussed further, with relative justifications are in the ensuing paragraphs.

Out of all the arguments, the foremost point is that multinational companies and their products can not affect the quality of life of people. The reason is that multinational companies help in jobs as well as help in reducing the cost of some other products which they are not produced in their companies. To elaborate, multinational companies are huge, and they have more different departments, so that they require more staff or employees for helping in their outcomes. Thus, multinational companies produce jobs for people all around the world and also improve the economy of the country. For example, the Indian government also invest lots of money in google company which is multinational, for producing jobs for local people of their nation and also help in improving the economy of the country. Therefore, in 2014, google produced around 10% more jobs for Indian people. Thus, the value of the Indian currency rupee increased slightly.

In addition to this, the products of multinational companies do not damage the quality of life of people. Because it makes the competition between other local companies, by this, I mean to say, the products of global companies are very expensive, while the products of national companies are little inexpensive than the multinational companies. So, more and more people buy the products from local companies which is improve the local economy of their country and also improve some little bit in nake their life better. By doing these, many multinational companies make their products according to countries currency so people can afford their products. As a result, people will get the chance to make good lifestyles. For example, Apple products are becoming cheaper because it is very expensive for people and nowadays all company make their price according to the countries, e.g. in India price of mobile phone is 98k, while in Dubai the cost of that product is 50k.

However, I would not overlook the other part too. The primary argument is that company can damage the life of people. This is to say, and companies make products such as toys and cars or robots for children because they have enough budget to make more features things which help in making a profit and then they advertise on radio and television, and their target is children. Nowadays, children are very stubborn. So, they always ask for not needed things which help in making a profit for multinational companies. For example, in my neighbour, one child needed iPhone, and then his father bought it for him because that child wanted to take a picture and to make the video because the company said that this product has a nice camera. Thus, companies made a profit.

To conclude, in modern countries, multinational companies and their products damage the life of people. I disagree with this, and it can be finally said that multinational help to produce jobs and make some products according to the countries so, that can improve the quality life of people. However, it can affect some people because of some products like toys and robots, and the reason is children because the target of advertising is the children.

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