In Today’s World of Advanced Science and Technology

In today’s world of advanced science and technology, many still greatly value artists such as musicians, painters, and writers. What can the arts tell us about life that science cannot?

Dramatic developments in science and technology have greatly enhanced the daily lives of people, and with continuous advancement, the globe will witness amazing achievements. However, the majority believe art has gone an extra mile in affording many to convey their emotions, above being a voice for the voiceless; as such, it remains an aspect of significant value.

Many claims that art in its various forms allows individual to express their joys, sadness and anxieties among many while science has only managed to explain how people feel that way. This indeed is true as, through a piece of art, people can analyse or read thoughts that are implied. Moreover, arts have certainly enabled a lot of people to express originality and individuality, which has not been possible through science. For example, through a portrait, a painter can be able to tell a life story of an individual. Thus the art has managed to communicate feelings of happiness, sadness or calmer moments with an influence on our daily lives.

Furthermore, some genres of art like poet or music have been used by people to speak for the vulnerable groups of society. In such instances, artists come up with lyrics to denounce heinous acts of abuse or violence hence also fighting for the rights of the helpless. To exemplify, the late musician Michael Jackson complied a song titled “Heal the world”, which became a hit of the Nineties, as he brought to light the misery that was being faced by many on the planet. As such, arts can certainly contribute to our lives and be a cry to seek help or healing. On the contrary, science has managed to fulfil mostly the practical and physical aspects but failed to connect with the soul.

Concluding, there is no denying the fact that science has greatly impacted the human race with its various contributions; however, art remains important in people’s lives as it reveals hidden expressions and connects with the feelings of human beings that science cannot.

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