It Is Sometimes Said that People Who Do Physically Hard Jobs Should Be Paid

It is sometimes said that people who do physically hard jobs should be paid as much as those with higher-level qualifications. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples.

Some people say that an individual who does physically effortful work should get the same money as those who are at the high post. I completely disagree with the statement and the number of arguments surrounding my opinion in the upcoming paragraph with relevant.

To comment with, the same salary for both worker and higher post employee is not done, infect it is injustice with superior because they have a degree from good college or university. To get that degree, they do a lot of hard work in their childhood and younger age. For instance, one big company has both managers and workers. The manager has a lot of workloads to run the company; on the other hand, the worker only do physical work to load products, so it is truly on fairness to the manager.

In addition, some jobs require a lot of practice and have practical knowledge in some particular subjects, such as doctorate and lawyer. To get a medical degree, people pay a lot of money in colleges and also do hard work.

On the other hand, if in any work people on the same amount of money, improve Nations economy. And spread equality among the individuals. Moreover, each and every people live the same lifestyle, and no one is wealthy, or no one is fortuneless.

To recapitulate, although there is the same salary for workers and employees, all people are equally treated. From my point of view, it is partiality with the individual who has a good standard of education and has done many practices to get practical knowledge in their subject.

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