Life Teaches Us Lessons and Such Lessons Are the Keys to Success

Life teaches us lessons and such lessons are the keys to success. How far do you agree with this statement, and do you think formal education is important or people should rely on their life experiences.

It is apparent that life lessons are helpful to become successful in life. Education is vital in everyone’s life. I completely agree with the above statement, but education and life experience both are important in human life.

To begin with, life lessons teach us how to deal with certain problems. They are anxiety, depression, and failure. Sometimes these problems lead to suicide. For example, when I failed in one subject in my engineering, I was depressed for one month, and after that, I revived from it. Individuals will learn from the life lessons that they can revive from the failures and sadness. Many successful people in business, politicians, and sports persons of this and lived in the previous century did not have any formal education. However, they did not waste a single opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Therefore, life lessons help us to succeed in life.

On the other hand, very few people manage to succeed on the merit of the lessons they learned from life. So, education is essential for everyone. Firstly, with the advancement of technology and globalization, education is available everywhere. Every person should utilize these resources and gain knowledge. Secondly, in today’s fast-paced world, without education, it is impossible to get a job. Companies no longer recruit people who lack a degree. For instance, even to work as a mechanic or fitter in today’s world, you have to do some certification courses. Hence, people should study to get success in their career and life.

To conclude, although life experiences can help us to some extent. I believe education will give more opportunities. Individuals should not rely on life lessons to become successful.

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