Music & Movies IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Music & Movies IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Music & Movies IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- How often do you go to the cinema?

Answer:- I prefer going to the movies more often because it elevates my mood after stressful working hours and moreover it gives me both entertainment and information. For instance, movies based on science and technology will really help to get to know the real world where we are living on the earth. Recently, I have watched the movie wonder, which is based on the cross-connection of line networks through phones.

Question 2:- Are cinema tickets expensive in your country?

Answer:- In my country the source of entertainment is through movies only so many people likes to go out and watch in the theatre so, these private officials can get collection through tickets only. There are high prices compared to the last ten years, like almost normal seat cost is 150 rupees with GST tax. These days many debates are going to decrease the cost\

Question 3:- What are the advantages of seeing a film at the cinema?

Answer:- There are numerous advantages to watching movies in the theatre-like sound effects are the best thing everyone can experience, and visual effects on the big screen will make everyone have a thrilling experience when watching action movies. Moreover, there is comfortable seating are available in the theatre that is recliners when compared to the homes

Question 4:- Do you usually watch films alone or with others?

Answer:- Basically, I am an extrovert. I like being with others more than alone. So, I prefer going either with friends or family members. Recently, I have watched a Telugu movie with my family members in the theatre. If it was a love or romance movie, I like to go with friends because I feel embarrassed when I go with family members.

Question 5:- Which actor would you like to play you in a film?

Answer:- I have a lot of favourite actors in the Tollywood and Bollywood industry, but most favourite one is NTR, who is a Telugu actor. I like him very much because of his natural acting and dialogue delivery and more than that he is a good dancer. So. to answer your question, I would love to act with NTR if I would get the chance.

Question 6:- How do you listen to music?

Answer:- I Am not a music lover, but my habits have changed a lot in the last five years. Mostly I listen to music through iPod by using headphones or a computer connected with speakers because I can listen at a high volume, which really changes my mood instantly.

Question 7:- When do you listen to music?

Answer:- Well, it depends on my mood when I listen to music. If I am in a bad mood, I mostly listen to the fast beat song, which really lifts up my energy and if I am in a happy mood, I love to listen to love songs. Recently I started listening to English songs and pop singer Jason Derulo is my favourite which I listen to his songs in a loop mode.

Question 8:- What’s your favourite kind of music?

Answer:- +My favourite kind of music is hip hop and fast beat because of the rhythm in the song, which really makes me dance instantly, and it gives refreshment to my mind and uplifts my mood as well. I was fascinated by hip hop, which is trending nowadays.

Question 9:- Is music an important subject at school in your country?

Answer:- In my country, mostly all schools concentrate on academic subjects rather than other vocation subjects and extracurricular activities because they mainly concentrate on grades. So, to answer your questions, the music subject is not prominent in my country, and one out ten schools have the music subject.

Question 10:- What kinds of music are (most) popular in your country?

Answer:- India is mostly famous for traditional dances and songs too. So rather than hip hop or jazz style folk beat songs and dances are famous in my country. Folk is a piece of country music in which a fast speed rhythm will be there, which is similar to the fast beat type of music.

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