Nowadays More People Are Travelling to Other Countries: Writing Task 2

Nowadays more people are travelling to other countries. Why is this happening? Is it a negative or positive development?

Travelling to other nations is a trend in the present era. Masses in hands the knowledge and learn about the culture of other countries, so they like to do this. In this essay, first, I will discuss reasons related to this and also analyse whether it is positive or negative progress.

There are various factors responsible for this trend. First and foremost, people travel to the developed nation to spend quality time with their near and dear ones. To say countries like the United Kingdom and Canada have a lot of tourist attractions, such as Niagara Falls in Canada. These nations provide all amenities for their tourists. Moreover, students and employees travel for a better future. To justify, in Australia and other nations, scholarships for international students and also free gym membership and various packages for a worker. For example, according to the recent statistics published by Oxford University, 70% of international students become successful in their life rather than other state students because they have advanced knowledge.

In my opinion, it is a positive development due to the variety of benefits. The foremost one is that they broaden their horizon and learn more about the different cultures of the world. In addition, although they face some difficulties while working and studying when they no more about that particular nation, with the passes of time, they become self depend and handle all the positive and negative situations which they face in day to day life.

In conclusion, it is apparent from the above discussion that although there are some negative points, it is a positive for society and the globe.

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