Schools Should Not Force Children to Learn a Foreign Language: Writing Task 2

Schools should not force children to learn a foreign language, because some students don’t have a natural ability for languages. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Many argue that there should be no compulsion to learn a foreign language from students by the School because Some students lack the natural ability to learn the language. I personally disagree with the statement. In the following essay, I will discuss my views on this topic.

Firstly, School is the place where children are introduced to learning. Schools play a major role in the development of students. Many schools have one foreign language in their curriculum, which is a positive factor for me because children can have exposure to a new language, and parents do not have to pay extra fees for making their children learn a new language. Every parent cannot afford extra language classes. Learning a foreign language can help students in future career opportunities. For example, they can get a job as a translator, or they can become a tutor. It is also beneficial if they want to move abroad in future.

Some parents think that every student does not have the ability to learn different languages and that children should not be forced. Although in my opinion, parents should at least allow children to try because if they do not try, how will they know whether they are able to learn or not? In-School, it is easy to learn because teachers are always there to guide. It is not necessary that children learn to speak a fluently foreign language, but at least students can have some basic idea about it which might help in future.

Learning a foreign language is a skill which can be introduced to children by schools. The benefits of learning are greater than the harm. So, in my opinion, there is no harm if schools include studying a foreign language in the curriculum.

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