Describe a Town or City Where You Would Like to Live in The Future

Describe a town or city where you would like to live in the future

  • Where is it?
  • How do you know about this city?
  • What it is famous for?
  • Why you would like to live there?

Sample Answer of Describe a Town or City Where You Would Like to Live in The Future

Talking about the future, no one has seen the future Neither I haven’t decided about the City to live in near my future because it all depends on financial condition. I think it will be too early to think all this before getting any job it will be like counting eggs before hatching, but here I want to mention one City from which I am very fond, and the name of that City is London it is any UK the process of that City is it is a beautiful they have a large variety of cultures and everyone there is broad-minded which is lacked in India. That’s why I want to go there also, so there are many places to visit and experience unique culture historic buildings and views, but apart from this there are many cones like it is very expensive to live there, but I as mentioned it all depend on my job, but if anyone asks me where I will like to live in future, then my answer will be London.

Follow-ups of Describe a Town or City Where You Would Like to Live in The Future

Question 1:- Why do more and more people live in the city?

Answer:- there are various factors for which people like to leave Metropolitan cities like good health care system, quality education and good employment rate from rural area people come to cities in search of jobs, so I feel because of urban job area is popular, and everyone wants to live there.

Question 2:- What are the factors that attract people to settle down in certain places?

Answer:- as I mentioned, good education system health care system cleanliness and employment have been major reasons to attract people towards cities apart from that they also serve a variety of food and a good range of as well.

Question 3:- What are the differences between the young and old when choosing where to live?

Answer:- it all matters of age young people like to enjoy have education work whereas old age people like quiet places without unnecessary noise this factor divide them into different categories and in factor of living these are also the major reasons why age come in between.

Question 4:- Do you like to live alone or share a room with others?

Answer:- I like to live alone because I have always been alone even my family is a not joint family we are the nucleus, so I feel there should be private, so my answer is I would like to live alone rather than being in a crowd.

Question 5:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of living alone?

Answer:- Perks of living alone is it gets privacy flexibility of coming and going out anyway without any restrictions, but it also gives lots of responsibilities which is sometimes tough to handle alone, but never the less every coin have two faces, so it is also have.

Question 6:- What are the advantages of working abroad?

Answer:- there are many advantages of working abroad it gives good salary with facilities like free apartment and other extra expenditure however abroad is also safe as compared to India even they have many challenges which help to grow.

Question 7:- What are the disadvantages of living in a foreign country?

Answer:- the disadvantage of living abroad are language culture people these things matters a lot while settling, so I consider them as cons of living or working abroad.

Question 8:- Would you like to live in a developed city with a high salary, but with polluted air?

Answer:- health comes first before anything, so I will consider living in a clean area rather than being an area that pays me a lot because if I am there, I can find an alternative way to on, but if I am not there, then how things will happen and I also have heard there are many e serious illness occurs because of air pollution.

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