Scientists Believe That the World in Danger Due to Environmental Changes

Scientists believe that the world in danger due to environmental changes. Some people say that personal lifestyle changes should be made to reduce the damage to the environment, while others think that the government should do something to help. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Answers of Scientists Believe That the World in Danger Due to Environmental Changes


The environment comprises of every form of life, from small microbes to large plant And animals including humans but in this contemporary world, environmental problems are the biggest threat for everyone because of consistent alterations in it, with the passage of time, A fair amount of plebeian assert that people should alter their behavior toward the environ to minimize its problems to a great extent. While others oppose this view and reckon that it is the onus of authority to save the environment. So governance should do anything for it. The upcoming paragraph sheds light upon various ideas and examples of these divergent issues and offers its conclusion.


Examining the former view, the primary argument is that environmental issues are burgeoning because folk likes to use private vehicles including cars motorbikes etcetera rather than public vehicles which give results in air pollution. To mitigate this problem masses should do car-pooling. People should use one car at a time and travel together to work. In addition to this, environmental problems have detrimental effects on the public’s health. To cite an example, due to smoking, industries to name but a few give birth to ailments such as heart diseases, breathing problems, high blood pressure etcetera. So individuals should grow a number of trees to make the environment greener and fresh.


On the darker side, authorities should implement some rules and regulations along with some schemes and campaigns to aware more and more people about the hazardous effect of the environment. For instance, the prime minister of India implemented the scheme name “The national cleanliness drive" to clean the roads across India. Like this, more schemes should be introduced.


TO put it in a nutshell, it can be reiterated that it is a mutual onus of both the individuals and governance to make the environment spic and span which is really very beneficial for people.

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