Your Friend Is Thinking About Learning to Drive

Your friend is thinking about learning to drive and would like some advice. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

Say why a driving license is advantageous
Recommend a driving school
Give any extra guidance/tips

Dear ABC,

I am writing this letter with regards to, a driving license is an inevitable document in everyone’s life. It is fantastic to hear that, at last, you decided to learn how to drive. As I remember, you felt disappointed because last time you are not able to participate in our road trip from Ooty to Goa without having a valid driving license.

A driving license is an international valid internal document, we convert this as an official international driving license in several countries. What the advantage is, we do not want to attend preliminary tests for migrating to international licenses in different countries. Moreover, it is used as an official identity card for certain legal verifications.

City driving school is the best driving school in our surroundings. They have qualified trainers and years of experience in the relevant field. Every year more than 200 students pass out from city driving school including me.

In my opinion, driving is an art. You must be more vigilant and set your mind as a quick learner. Moreover, you must show some patience for learning driving skills. Before the road test tries to learn all road signals and speed limits.

Hope you will learn everything as soon as possible.

Best Regards


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