Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in The Open Spaces in Towns

Some people say it is more important to plant trees in the open spaces in towns and cities than build more housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this fast-paced era, trees play a crucial role in the life of human beings. So, has it been considered by millions of masses that people should plant more and more trees in open urban areas? This essay intends to elaborate on why I equally agree with the statement in subsequent paragraphs.

On the one hand, there are various merits of planting trees for residents. Firstly, it is omniscient that today the level of not only air pollution but also noise pollution is booming day by day with fewer trees which lead to harmful diseases. Therefore, waiting for trees in the open space of the city an essential for living things as well as the environment. To justify, the plants consume carbon dioxide, dust, and other harmful gas and provide pure air. With the aid of trees, the air pollution levels would decrease. Secondly, planting trees provide shelter to numerous birds. It is true that a number of bird species have died, and some are on the verge of extinction with the least proportion of plants. Hence, more and more dreams in cities are required.

On the flip side, lack of shelter will have many extreme drawbacks. Firstly, in urban areas, the majority of people migrate. If the entire open space is covered by trees, then individuals have to stay in departments. No doubt, the price of rented houses is too high. Perhaps, more masses might become homeless. As a result, the crime rate may rise. Secondly, economic development may suffer if only a few buildings in the town. Less shopping malls, banks, restaurants, and other shops will not only impact financial earning but also affect people’s daily life. Lastly, the construction of more houses in an urban area is important.

In conclusion, it can be analyzed from the above discussion although there are a lot of advantages of planting trees, the importance of houses cannot be overlooked.

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