Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for A Short Time

Talk about a country where you would like to work for a short time; You should say

  • Where would you like to work?
  • What kind of job would it be?
  • When would you like to go?
  • Why do you want to work there?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for A Short Time

Well, it is quite evident that people from developing countries are migrating to developed Nations due to work or study yeah I would like to talk about a country named Canada where I would like to go and work for a short time in today era everyone wants to explore the culture of different countries people from developing countries like India have a strong desire to settle in developed nations like India UK and Australia many of my cousins are already settled in Canada and they always suggested a move to have to Canada actually in Canada. students are working 16 hours a week while studying in this way students can manage their expenses without being a burden on their parents moreover in Canada people are remunerated on the basis of the number of hours they work in a day apart from this I would like to work in a restaurant or in a bar while studying being an extrovert. I like to meet new people and make them my friend as well as improve my communication skill furthermore I will become independent and will learn about how to deal with financial matters also in Canada there are so many people who are most popular throughout the world I think by working there I will get a chance to explore myself and also have the chance to know the way that how they work lastly this is country where I want to work in the future.

Follow-ups Talk About a Country Where You Would Like to Work for A Short Time.

Question 1:- What kinds of jobs are easy to get in a foreign country?

Answer – definitely young adults should do work in the abroad because they are sharply minded as well as the strength of the body is too much as compared to older ones so they can easily do every task to justify they can easily put the heavy boxes moreover they can do the part-time job too.

Question 2:- Should young adults work abroad?

Answer – in the abroad children can do a lot of work in the cafeteria on campus as a teacher as well as in the library moreover they can do work in the hotels and restaurant as a staff example my cousin doing work in the hotel and earn handsome money.

Question 3:- If they do not work abroad, would it help them travel to a foreign country?

Answer – think if people do not work, they do not travel to another country because when they do work they meet different kinds of people due to this, they can easily enhance their communication skills as well as they can earn money because today that infection is increasing day by day, therefore, they have to need a lot of money to travel in other countries, so if they do work then they can comfortably travel to another country.

Question 4:- Do Indian parents encourage their children to work abroad?

Answer – yes. Indian people should encourage their children to work abroad because when they do work abroad they become more fashionable and they have easily improved their communication skills when they meet a different kind of people in the abroad as well as children can easily reduce the burden on the shoulder of their parents with the help of earning money so that is why parents should motivate to their offspring to work in the abroad.

Question 5:- If you had an opportunity to live abroad, which country would you like to settle down in?

Answer – when I would get the opportunity to settle in a foreign country then I choose my dream country is Canada because it is a very e popular country as well as too many job opportunities also available there furthermore my relatives also stay there so when I would get an opportunity then I want to visit there.

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