Some People Think Movies Should only Be for Entertainment. Writing Task 2

Some people think movies should only be for entertainment. Others think that they Should also have educational values. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People do different types of things in their leisure time, which aid different ways. Some people believe that watching a film’s one and only purpose is enjoyment while others feel it ought to be for learning. Both the notion have their own pros and cons; therefore, before commenting on my decision, my inclination will be justified in ensuring paragraphs along with a logical conclusion and my opinion.

On the one hand, first and foremost, in this contemporary era, the majority of people have busy work schedule hence, they exhausted by routine for them, the movie is the source of cherishing moments furthermore, watching films also yield new energy, they use it as relaxation. Secondly, the numerous movie production and main director goal is people enjoy the movie, besides all tension and other tribulation. Finally, considered as enjoyment and waste resources such as time and money is also deleterious for themselves.

On the other hand, there are several reasons that indicate it also has educational values. Throughout the film, the maker’s purpose is to teach life lessons to watchers and spread awareness in the community. In addition, A host of mankind like to watch biopic films, they learn from that successful person, and it succors in lives moreover, owing to watch that role model person success, some also attempt to copy them and implement in self lives.

To sum up, it has been debating between films watching purpose. Some people claim that movies ought to enjoyment. However, others argued that education value also has. I believe that we have to watch it to enjoy and relax. However, we also have to learn from some lessons it is useful.

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