Some People Think Movies Should Only Be for Entertainment

Some people think movies should only be for entertainment. Others think that they should also have educational values. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

There is a contentious argument over whether the movies should be made to entertain people or educational related content. Some people are argued that cinemas are only for entertainment whereas others feel that values related to education should be included. In this essay, I would like to discuss both views. I, personally believe that it is individual responsibility what type of film they want to watch.

To begin with, movies play a vital role in everyone’s life. The big screen takes us into an imaginary world, which is different from the real world. For example, every day, when I came home after my hectic schedule, I will watch a comedy movie for two hours; it relaxes my mind. It helps to escape from the stress in daily life. Films give enjoyment to all members of society. As a result, many people live in harmony. Furthermore, the film industry boosts our economy, provides ample employment opportunities to many people.

On the other hand, some films produce content that is related to morals and education. Firstly, Some movies such as space and science fiction. It enables us to know about the actions happening in the universe and tells us about rockets. Secondly, children can learn about right and wrong through the cartoons they watch, while adults can learn important life lessons. For example, watching a movie related to war increases patriotism in the individuals.

To conclude, I reiterate my opinion that it is a personal choice that to watch a certain movie that contains entertainment and educational values.

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