Some People Think that Being Creative During Your Time Off Is Helpful: Writing Task 2

Some people think that being creative during your time off is helpful. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this and express your own opinion.

In recent times, creativity has become the order of the day. Some people are of the opinion that being creative during one’s time off is beneficial. Therefore, this essay will discuss the merits and demerits of this, together with my personal opinion.

On the one hand, the judicious use of one’s time off can be quite encouraging. Firstly, the time off can be used to learn a vocation or skill outside one’s profession. This is a situation where an individual intends to acquire more skills to pull through life’s endeavours. However, the individual gets admitted into either formal or informal institutions, where such skills can be acquired using his time off. Furthermore, a good time off can also be channelled to reading. This, I am concerned about postgraduate students who work and study at the same time because they don’t usually have time for reading; their time off from work can be utilized for reading.

Nonetheless, if time off from work is not utilized for what it is intended for, it could be fatal. Without a doubt, it can lead to physical exhaustion. The essence of time off is to have some good rest; perhaps, where the time off is channelled to another thing that can lead to a physical breakdown, and as a result, serious health conditions may arise from there. To exemplify, a friend of mine, who is a mother of five, and a surgeon, suddenly developed intestinal obstruction. During history taking, it was discovered that she hardly rests, and as such, the body became overstressed. In addition, it can lead to a severe mental confusional state. This is a medical condition that results from not allowing the brain to rest. The brain gets fatigued, thereby producing abnormal electrical activities. To illustrate, most of the effective somatic disorders people manifest in our society today are a result of over bugging the brain with activities and no rest.

In conclusion, although being creative with one’s time makes sense, however, in my opinion, one’s health should not be jeopardized or toyed with in a bid to be creative. Therefore, there should be a balance between work and rest in order to live our lives to the fullest.

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