Some People Prefer Activities and Lifestyles in Hot Climates While Others Prefer Living

Some people prefer activities and lifestyles in hot climates while others prefer living in cold climates. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Preference of weather conditions depends upon the person and their activities. Some argue that hot climates are the best to work and do other curricular activities, while some others think that cooler temperatures are flexible. This essay further elaborates my opinion on both views with supporting examples and thus leads to a logical conclusion.

To begin with, Few people believe that hot weather plays a vital role in numerous situations like doing work and physical activity. For example, morning walk and jogging is a must for everyone to maintain good health, which is based on morning whether to do that task or not. Secondly, daily needs such as groceries, shopping and other task related to the work have to finish by going out, which is purely based on weather forecasting. Thirdly, Students who migrate to other countries like the USA for graduation can pay their daily basic needs and tuition fee by working part-time jobs. These university students mostly prefer to go to texas state, where most weather is humid, rather than going to Ohio State, where the temperature records -4 degrees in the fall season.

On the other hand, some opine that cold conditions are the best to protect them from some diseases. Recently, researchers found out that people who are living in cold weather are less prone to cancer disease because overexposure to the sun will lead to cancer and other allergic risks. In this way, people can protect themselves from bad health. Furthermore, few are interested in sports which can only play in the snow, such as ice skating, where so many can participate and learn them to carve their future. I believe that cooler temperatures are best in maintaining the best health as well as learning sports activities.

To conclude, people have different opinions in choosing the workplace or study based on weather conditions. If some opine that hot weather is flexible, and some argue that cold weather is the best. I feel those cooling temperatures have more merits than hot temperatures.

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