Talk About a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop

Talk about a habit your friend has and you want to develop

  • Who your friend is?
  • What habit does he/she have?
  • When do you notice this habit?
  • why do you want to develop this habit?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop

I have many people I mingle with, but I only call Evans my friend. He has had many habits since I met him and he really likes swimming. He was again listening to music even when we were in the lecture hall. I realized he’s fun or listening to music the very day I met him, but other habits were seen when I started spending days and weeks with him. Swimming is one of the best ways to get refreshed with water, and it’s also a way of exercising the muscles and backjoints. Listening to music is also a good habit to learn because some lyrics inspire, motivates, teaches and comfort you even when you’re down in spirit and heartbroken.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop

Question 1:- What habits should children have?

Answer:- I can’t make it clear that this and that should be that habits children should have, but preferably, all children should possess a good habit that will help them in their daily activities such as proper handwashing, punctuality to places and others.

Question 2:- What should parents do to teach their children good habits?

Answer:- A parent should help their wards to acquire hood habits through proper training and guidance.

Question 3:- What influences do children with bad habits have on other children?

Answer:- Interestingly, children are good learners, and once they learn, it’s very complicated to unlearn them. So children with bad habits tend to inculcate their unacceptable habits to others when it becomes their habit too, it tends to be very difficult to change them.

Question 4:- Why do some habits change when people get older?

Answer:- Habits once learned cannot be changed, but many people tend to change habits as they age because of medical issues. Some habits such as jogging and other physical activities require much energy, and if one develops and medical condition like a heart attack or any cardiac problem, they decide to change.

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