Some People Today Prefer to Get Advice for Medical Problems

Some people today prefer to get advice for medical problems and do not want to visit a doctor. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

Some groups of people nowadays favour getting some tips for a medical issue from other individuals rather than to consult the specialist doctor for the medical health problems. This essay will explain both the merit and demerits development of this line of thought with illustrations.

To embark with, people opt to get advice from the other group of people regarding the medical difficulties arising in their life because they believe that doctors would share their internal and external medical problems with others also. They do not want to spread this medical issue to others people, so they preferred to get advice from an expert and then do the necessary treatment on their own. Still, in this case, there may be a possibility that a medical problem may lead to the worst scenario by doing treatment at home. For instance, if we got a high fever and body pain, we have taken medicines related to this illness from the medical shop. However, after a few days, this problem is not resolved because the medicine taken from the shop is not in line with the illness we got, which leads to major health problems in the later stage of time.

On the other hand, if we consult the doctors about the medical illness properly, they would definitely advise us the best suitable medicine and treatment to be acquiring that will cure the illness soon. After that, our bodies will become physically fit and fine. This is one of the advantageous ways that most people need to follow and do their treatment with the doctor’s help; otherwise, and it will happen that one can lose his life.

To conclude, in my opinion, one should prefer to get consult with the doctor for medical problems rather than to get advice from a non-expert person.

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