Talk About a Lazy Person You know

Talk About a Lazy Person You know

  • Who the person is
  • How well you know him
  • What makes this person lazy
  • What should he do to improve

Sample Answer of Talk About a Lazy Person You know.

Laziness is a type in which a person does a left activity and try to be smart rather than doing hard work, and these are actually can cause a health problem too many people to get ultimate laziness because it is also considered as an overweight problem in among people nowadays have, but today I want to talk about a particular person who is overrated, and even that person actually has a lot of daily life activities such as running and taking a rather than left I want to talk about my friend who lives in Punjab

he also has a more interest to do things like playing video games and other indoor activities just because of that he gained his weight in a knock down to more than 100 kgs, and it is also problematic for him to play some outdoor games like football and cricket because in these games have to run from one place to another to catch a ball but nowadays he is trying to make himself fitter but at this point, he is lazy because he eats too much and even gets a chance to make something more interesting such as I am playing hockey your basketball with his friends rather than that he plays video games and play stations in his home these are the habits

which actually can cause him a lot of problems due to being overweight first is it obviously in second is there is a problem of sugar that he actually eats lots of chocolates with ice creams because of the extravagant Lifestyle you don’t need to do things to his own costs a lot his parents also helped him in many ways to do things mostly time in his home, and nobody encourage him to do things and play some sports activity I also advised him to play with me but he is a rather than that play online games and which can lead to a huge problem for his health in the future but as his my friend I definitely try to encourage him to go to the gym and do some yoga help him to reduce his overall weight 100 to 80 to 70 Kgs all in all if I say if he tried his best he can achieve that goal as well but get too much laziness and doing smart work rather than hard work is important at some point but every time at a physical level it can be hazardous for a person

Follow-ups Talk About a Lazy Person You know.

Question 1 How can a lazy person make money?

Hello, he was thinking of making money by using the machine because my only because of advice technology people dreaded and doing some physical activities to pick wanting to another try to use vehicles are some equipment machines and can actually help at some point but not always.

Question 2 How to motivate lazy people?

I think I’m giving them some pursuance that is giving a try to tell them that if they do some hard work in gym and orange yoga or they try to do some physical activities definitely a, we have to reward them so it would be a benefit for them as well and for us for example when I was in child my mother used to give me some play with my friends and do some physical activities so by giving them rewards definitely we can encourage them to do and also tell them the outcome after doing all that hard work.

Question 3 According to you, what characteristics define a lazy person?

Adding a characteristic which can be defined as a lazy person is at the most people try to make them suffer more comfortable even they have a sedentary lifestyle and try to play video games and play stations and watch television these are the entertainment purposes for but when they spend more than 425 hours on at the front of a screen that characteristics is actually terrible for their life, and it can affect the overall lifestyle.

Question 4 According to you, can a lazy person be successful?

Absolutely there are many people I see in my life that are lazy but with the help of their knowledge gained a lot of money and be successful in their life like nowadays most people use technology to enhance their overall money by using some coding and learning online courses and then apply them India real life and use try to purchase and sale Bitcoins and online trading there are many see that even lazy person can easily successful and India lot of examples even there are many interesting notes which are very lazy they also tell in their interviews, but I would say there is no definition that a lazy person can be a good achiever, but it depends on the mentality, but I see an overall I have many examples to represent that lazy person people are so can be successful

Question 5 Do you think a lazy person to do a difficult job?

Absolutely are because there are many difficult jobs at a physical level which are very difficult to do for a particular person. Still, it is beneficial for them because its help to circulate blood flow and also it body to recover from the bad impact body moreover by doing that kind of a difficult task it helps them to do their daily work efficiently and then try to use to do their work on their own rather than being I would say all in all that definitely a doing giving a difficult task to a lazy person is very beneficial for them and as well as for the society. After all, if there everybody would be more energetic in the societies and automatically it would be beneficial for the nation to grow its economy.

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