Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

  • What was it?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • What it looked like?
  • Explain why it was a special toy for you?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

There are numerous toys that I had bought in my childhood. The one favorite toy that I would like to talk about now is a remote car, and It is always special for me. Because, first time in my life, I have played with a different one. It is a car toy controlled by a remote. We have place batteries in both the car and remote. To make it function. I bought this thing from the exhibition in my town. I went there with my family in the summer holidays.

When I first watched this toy, I was fascinated by the car’s working, and it is painted with black and red colors. Personally, I like the color red a lot since my childhood. It has four wheels, and it has fog lamps in the front. They are made with radium, so they only show light at night time. Usually, when I bought a toy from the shop, I use it for 2-4 weeks. Later I would dismantle it. Even it did the same for this car, but I played it for more than 6 months. It is a special toy for me. Even today, I have the inside motor of the car.

Follow-ups Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Question 1 What is the difference between girls’ and boys’ toys?

Answer – Well, girls mostly prefer barbie toys, kitchen material to play with, and cook; many girls are fond of teddy bears. Sometimes they will sleep with the boys. But for boys, they will play with their toys only for 1 or 3 months. They will try to explore what is inside of the toy.

Question 2 Do you think toys really help in children’s development?

Answer – Well, not much they are far better than mobile phones, nowadays mobile phones are doing more harm to the children, but some learning toys are beneficial to children. Because they can learn something from the toys,

Question 3 Does modern technology have an influence on children’s toys?

Answer – No, not much, I think. After the technology is advanced, many children prefer to play games with their phones rather than playing with toys. So I think the toy manufactures are making changes every year.

Question 4 Have we lost our hand skills such as sewing?

Answer – Yes, there are many sewers who don’t have any work to do. Because people are more relying on machines, technology has taken their jobs and replaced them with motors. Earlier sewing is a professional artist. But today, except some people, most people prefer to go readymade,

Question 5 What toys are popular with kids in India today?

Answer – Well, I think electronic toys like flying toys, remote cars, and bulldozers for boys, and for girls, they still have teddy bears and barbie dolls.

Question 6 Do you think playing with electronic toys has a good influence on kids?

Answer – Well, no, because there is no physical activity while playing with this toy. Digital toys are good if children are not addicted to them. For example, if a toy is broken or stopped working, the children should not pester their parents to buy another one,

Question 7 Which do you think is better for children to play with toys alone or with other kids?

Answer – Playing with kids is always helpful for children, as it will help them with group coordination, overall development. Childhood will only come in life. So, children should spend their quality time with friends and family.

Question 8 Question How do you think toys will change in the future?

Answer – There will be more and more digital toys, the toys that would work like a robot, they will play with children, the electric toys in the upcoming years I think because usage of batteries in toys are minimizing nowadays.

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