Talk About a Working Place that You Know

Talk about a working place that you know.

  • · What kind of workplace it is?
  • · How do you know this place?
  • · What do People do there?
  • · How do you feel about this place?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Working Place that You Know

Workspaces are places where we used to do some kind of works. I am going to discuss the workspace inside my company campus.

I got to know this place once I joined the company; the workspace is well arranged with computers and one campion have two systems, and the workspace is very clean and tidy inside the workspace it’s very silent, and it provides us with a fresh, positive feel once we enter into the workspace.

Workspace where people do different activity depending on the culture they follow here I am discussing a software company workspace there people used to develop softwares.

A workspace is a place with positive and fresh vibes helping people to get a good mindset to do their work in a good manner.

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