Describe Your Favourite Weather Speaking Cue Card

Describe your favourite weather

  • What kind of weather it is,
  • When this weather usually occurs,
  • What you usually do during this weather,
  • Explain how this weather affects you,
  • And explain why you like this type of weather

Sample Answer of Describe Your Favourite Weather Speaking

My favourite weather is the rainy days. I like rain because it cools down the hot temperatures, especially in a place like my country Ghana. Rainy days are usually between the months of April to October. On rainy days, I love to curl up in bed under a thin blanket and read my favourite books. On rainy nights I especially sleep well because temperatures are lower, and snuggling into bed is so cosy. Coming out after the rain and inhaling the earthy scent refreshes my mind and is a good mood booster. The only downside to this type of weather is that on days when there is a thunderstorm, there are often power outages which cause a lot of inconveniences. Also, it can make movement very difficult as I have to jump over puddles and risk dirtying my clothes. Nevertheless, I enjoy the weather rain brings, and I find it very refreshing. I also love how it makes me think of how we can wash away the filth in society and in ourselves and start again.

Follow-ups of Describe Your Favourite Weather Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Do you often pay attention to the weather forecast? (Why?/Why not?)

Answer:- There are times when I pay attention to the weather forecast and times when I do not. In the northern part of Ghana, where I come from, there are only two seasons. The rainy season and the dry season. During the dry season, the sun is especially hot, with zero or close to zero possibility of rain. However, because of the high possibility of it raining during the rainy season, I find time to check the forecast, so I do not find myself in unwanted circumstances.

Question 2:- How does the weather (or, the weather forecast) affect what activities people do?

Answer:- The weather forecast, as its name suggests, predicts how the weather will be like in the near future. For a person intending to hold an outdoor activity such as camping, a forecast of rain would most likely make them change plans. Also, a person is more likely to bring along an umbrella or a raincoat if they know that it will rain. For places where it snows, if there’s a prediction of heavy snow the next day, the person will consider dressing in warmer clothes and perhaps declining to drive themselves.

Question 3:- Why do some people dislike some kinds of weather?

Answer:- The inconveniences that certain weather brings allow some people to dislike such weather. For instance, a person with a low tolerance for cold will dislike snowy days during winter. A person who dislikes hot weather conditions might be because they’ll sweat a lot and feel uncomfortable.

Question 4:- Does the weather have an effect on the economy?

Answer:- Taking my country Ghana as an example, the weather largely affects the economy in that, in terms of agriculture, the long dry seasons offers very little farm output as there is usually no rain. On the other hand, the rainy season offers more economic growth as more produce is made from farms all over the country.

Question 5:- Are there any differences in economic activity in the different seasons?

Answer:- The economic activity varies in each season. In very cold countries such as Canada, winter might cause low economic activity as most people might be stuck at home due to snowstorms. Frostbites which are prevalent during this period, also reduce the efficiency of labour.

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