Talk About an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

Talk about an interesting tradition in your country. You should say:

  • What is it?
  • Who takes part in it?
  • What activities are there?
  • And explain how you feel about it?
  • Traditional represent community culture and their people.

Sample Answer of Talk About an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

I am from India, and India has rich ethics; thus, hard to pick any one tradition. Although today I would like to talk about one popular tradition which is popular especially in northern states of my country. Its karvachauth.

In karvachauth, married women take part in the long and healthier life of their husbands. They also perchance jewelry and accessories before the day. It celebrates on the specially selected day by Hindu lunar calendar.

This day women keep fast from sunrise to moonrise. In this contemporary era, men understand women’s values. Thus, some gens also keep fast with ladies.

At night women dress up new clothes and breakfast after praying with her husband with the moon in the back.

This tradition origin began from a military campaign in the past. When men went for the war that time women tended to do it for their safe return. Later it becomes a tradition.

It’s a symbol of love and sacrifice. In starting phase, this tradition celebrates by Hindu, but presently, others also do, such as Sikh.

Follow-ups Talk About an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

Do you think teenagers should learn about traditions?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, youngsters should have to learn their own traditions. It connects with others and fulfills roots as well as origins. Even I believe that the authority has to include a chapter in the book thus people learn it from a young age from school.

What is the importance of traditional festivals?

Answer – Well, traditional festivals represent culture and traditions. It is also a way to enjoy time besides stress and worries, which is important in this contemporary era because everybody is stuck in a rut. In addition, the traditional festival also tells the origin of people.

What’s the difference between festivals now and in the past?

Answer – I believe that in the past people celebrated festivals as well as enjoy the quality of time with loveable people, however, currently festival is just for the name, people celebrate because its reserved day. In other words, nowadays, many people celebrate festivals for put pictures on social sites, while in the past, people organized festivals and cherished it.

Do you think western festivals like Christmas are replacing traditional festivals in your country?

Answer – I think in my western culture, influence, although it takes the place of traditional festivals, is not possible. These festivals only celebrate by the younger. India has rich tradition and culture furthermore, some traditional connected with religion so, its hard to take place.

Do you think it is wrong for children not to celebrate traditional festivals?

Answer – I think we can’t force others to celebrate the festival. Children can celebrate other cultures’ festivals such as Christmas, Halloween; however, they never forget to own culture and have to prioritize traditional more.

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