Describe a Occasion When You Ate Something for the First Time

Describe an Occasion When You Ate Something for the First Time

  • When you had it?
  • Where you ate it?
  • What was it?
  • And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion When You Ate Something for the First Time

Well, there are many foods that I have eaten till now. Still, one food I would like to talk about today is about Haleem, it is a famous food during Ramzan season; Ramzan is a festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world, in that time, they won’t eat anything all day, but one evening they will have a feast, I had the first time that food is in my 10 standards, my father bought it from the nearby market, I don’t know how it looks, but I Had heard from my friends that it tastes different, it consists of chicken, mutton wheat, and some other materials, when I first ate it, I wouldn’t say I liked it but eating it every day, I loved it a lot, even last night, I went to the food stall with my friend pavan and had Haleem with him.

Follow-Ups Describe an Occasion When You Ate Something for the First Time

Question 1 Do you like to try new food?

Answer – Yes, after eating Haleem, I thought of trying new food every time when I visit a new place; I will ask the people in the hotel what are special items here?. I will try them.

Question 2 What kinds of foreign foods are popular in your country?

Answer – Well, I think the Chinese noodles, shawarma, fried chicken made by popular KFC and pizza are prevalent among all the people in my country.

Question 3 Do you like to cook at home?

Answer – Yes, I do like to cook in my home, well, in the evenings I love to make chapati or up for my family, to have light food as supper.

Question 4 Is it expensive to eat out in your country?

Answer – No, not much, there are many cheap street outlets are there, most of the time, the price of items are just 10-20rs, but there are some items are costly, like pizza and biryanis

Question 5 What’s the difference between Indian food and western food?

Answer – Well, I think the taste is the biggest difference; Indian food is spicier whereas ethnic cuisine is not that spicy, it is moderate. But Indians eat both foods equally.

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