Talk about an online course you joined and liked

Talk about an online course you joined and liked

        • When did you join it?
        • Why did you join it?
        • What did you learn during the course?
        • Why did you like it?

Sample 1:Talk about an online course you joined and liked

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, I decided to further my understanding of digital marketing and joined an online course titled “Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies” on Coursera. The onset of the lockdown gave me ample free time, and the realization struck that this was an opportune moment to upgrade my skills.

I joined the course primarily because of my growing interest in the digital marketing. With businesses increasingly shifting online, understanding the nuances of digital marketing seemed not just exciting but also professionally beneficial. Plus, a renowned university offered this particular course and had excellent reviews.

The course spanned eight weeks and delved deep into various facets of digital marketing. Right from understanding search engine optimization to social media strategies, email marketing, content creation, and even analyzing digital marketing metrics – it was a comprehensive guide. Each module was paired with real-life case studies and practical assignments, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.

What I particularly liked about the course was its applicability. The system wasn’t just about theories; it stressed real-world application. The instructors were industry professionals who brought a wealth of practical knowledge. They often shared their experiences, offering insights not typically available in textbooks. Moreover, the peer discussions were enlightening; interacting with fellow students from around the globe, each bringing their unique perspective, enriched the learning experience. The flexible schedule allowed me to learn quickly, ensuring I never felt rushed. By the end of the course, I had gained theoretical knowledge and practical skills that I could immediately implement in my professional life. The system equipped me with tools and strategies invaluable in today’s digital-centric world.

Sample Answer 2:Talk about an online course you joined and liked

During the early days of the lockdown, I was browsing through Udemy, a popular online course platform, when I stumbled upon a course called “The Art of Mindfulness and Meditation.” Given the escalating stress and uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, the course topic piqued my interest immediately.

I chose to enrol because I had always been curious about meditation but had never truly understood or practised it. With the world in chaos outside, it seemed like the perfect moment to explore inner calm. The course promised techniques to improve mental well-being, reduce stress, and foster positivity, which I felt I needed.

The course was structured over six weeks and included theoretical understanding and practical meditation exercises. Topics covered ranged from the history and types of meditation to detailed guided sessions for beginners. The instructor also integrated techniques like body scanning, breath awareness, and loving-kindness meditation.

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What made the course memorable was its holistic approach. The instructor emphasized understanding the science behind meditation, which provided a solid foundation for the practices. Also, there were weekly interactive sessions where participants could share their experiences and challenges, creating a community of learners. By the course’s conclusion, I had developed a regular meditation practice and noticed significant improvements in my overall mental well-being. The lessons I learned from this course continue to be a beacon during stressful times.

Sample Answer 3:Talk about an online course you joined and liked

A few months ago, I felt the creative itch and wanted to do something beyond my usual routine. While browsing LinkedIn Learning, I discovered a course titled “Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essays with Impact.” As someone who has always enjoyed writing but never took it seriously, the course title instantly attracted me.

I opted for this course because it promised to guide learners in expressing personal experiences compellingly and authentically. The idea of penning down personal anecdotes and experiences in an impactful manner was intriguing and challenging, motivating me to sign up.

Structured across five weeks, the course covered everything from understanding the anatomy of an influential essay to techniques for weaving narratives seamlessly. Each module had assignments that required us to write short articles, which were then peer-reviewed, providing diverse feedback and perspectives.

The highlight of this course for me was its focus on authenticity. The instructor, a published author, emphasised genuine narratives’ power. She shared her writing journey, her challenges, and how she overcame them. Her candid discussions and practical writing assignments made the entire learning process extremely engaging. By the end of the course, not only had my writing improved, but I had also developed a deep appreciation for personal narratives and their ability to connect and move readers. The course ignited my passion for writing, and I’ve since started my blog to continue my writing journey.

Follow-up Questions & Answers:Talk about an online course you joined and liked

Question 1:- What platform did you use for the online course?

I used Udemy for the meditation course. It’s a versatile platform that offers various courses on various subjects. I’ve found it user-friendly, and they often have discounts, making quality education affordable.

Question 2:- How do you typically choose an online course?

I usually begin by identifying my interest or a skill I want to acquire. Then, I search for courses related to that topic, read reviews, check the curriculum, and evaluate the instructor’s credentials. I must ensure the system aligns with my learning objectives.

Question 3:- Do you prefer online courses over traditional classroom settings? Why or why not?

Both have their merits. Online courses offer flexibility, allowing me to learn at my own pace. Traditional classrooms, however, provide real-time interactions and immediate feedback. Currently, I’m leaning more towards online courses due to their convenience, especially given the global situation.

Question 4:- How do you ensure you stay motivated during an online course?

Setting clear objectives and understanding why I’m taking the course is essential. I also create a study schedule, set reminders, and join study groups if available. These groups create a sense of community and accountability.

Question 5:- Would you recommend online courses to others?

Absolutely. Online courses offer flexibility and a wide range of topics and often come at a fraction of the cost of traditional classes. They’re precious for those with tight schedules or who can’t easily access educational institutions.

Question 6:- Do you believe online certifications hold the same weight as traditional degrees?

It’s a complex question. While many industries increasingly recognise online certifications, traditional degrees hold more weight in specific fields and regions. However, the primary concern should be acquiring knowledge and skills, not just the certificate.

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Question 7:- Have you faced any challenges while studying online?

Yes, distractions at home, occasional internet issues, and the lack of face-to-face interactions can be challenging. However, over time, I’ve developed strategies, such as designating a specific study area and time, to minimize these challenges.

Question 8:- Are there any other online courses you are considering taking?

I’ve been contemplating diving into digital marketing. The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and I believe understanding its intricacies would be beneficial, both personally and professionally.

Question 9:- How do you apply the knowledge you’ve gained from these courses?

It varies. For instance, meditation techniques have become part of my daily routine, helping me maintain mental balance. The writing course inspired me to start a blog. Essentially, I try to integrate the knowledge into my life through personal projects or professional endeavours.

Question 10:- Do you believe that traditional educational institutions will become obsolete with the rise of online courses?

They are not necessarily obsolete, but they might need to evolve. The future might see a blend of online and offline educational experiences, leveraging the best of both worlds. While online courses provide flexibility, traditional settings offer structured environments and social interactions that are hard to replicate online.

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