Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Talk about something that you have borrowed from a friend. Please say

  • What you borrowed, and when
  • Who you borrowed it from
  • Why did you borrow it
  • And explain how you felt after borrowing it.

Sample Answer of Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Well there are not many things which i have borrowed from my friend because i like to buy new things not old things but from a longer time I wanted to buy iPhone 11 but it is a very expensive so I could not afford afford but but my best friend had that phone and after sometime it was me that he wanted to say that phone so I told him that you can sale to me because I also wanted to buy iPhone level after sometime he sold at phone to me in a very affordable price and I bought that phone and use that phone almost two years and there’s some qualities which I would like to mention which I liked in old phone and the first one is the camera update iPhone is very different is a very good as compared to other phones like the clarity of that camera quite different from another phones moreover the functions of that I phone is very different apart from that it was a 128 GB phone which is of around 50,000 in my country but I bought only 20000 because that was a used phone not much only two years but when I bought that phone that was scratchless and it was in very good condition. Another thing I like to mention is that I felt very good because I got that phone at a very affordable price and I still have that phone I didn’t sell and that phone is very close to me because for a long time I wanted to purchase that phone, and now I have so I don’t like to sale that phone so that is the only thing which I bought from my friend and still I am very happy to have it.

Follow-ups of Talk About Something that You Have Borrowed from A Friend

Question 1:- What part of teaching children should parents be responsible for?

Answer:- there are many things in children for which parents should be responsible the first one is parents should teach children to share everything with family and friends moreover parents should teach manner to their children so Dad if children go in their relatives or friends then they should know that how to talk with another people and how to behave in a humble way with the other people.

Question 2:- Should children learn how to share?

Answer:- yes, obviously it is a very mandatory for children to learn sharing in their life because there are sometimes in life in which children should share many things with friends or family which are not available in friends or family so if children can give to other people then it would be good for other people and from these good things children describe their family background.

Question 3:- What is a good way to teach children to share things?

Answer:- there are not many ways to teach the children to share, but according to my perception, there is one way which would be effective and efficient as well, and that way is to create the situation in which children have don’t have something so parents should share that thing to their children and teach them that if somebody doesn’t have something in their life and if you have that thing then you should share with that person because maybe that person is true of that thing.

Question 4:- Do parents teach children to share things in your country?

Answer:- yes, in my nation parents teach their students to share something because it is the good manner, and Indian parents want that their children Should get good manners and so that they can include sharing in their behaviour and behave very in a polite way.

Question 5:- What kind of things are children being asked to share?

Answer:- there are many types of things that children can share; for example, if we see beggars on the sides of the roads, then children should not donate money, but children should give them food, and they should give them the blanket so they will not feel cold at night moreover they will not feel hungry as well, and these are the good and mandatory things which can children share with those needy persons.

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