The Chart Below Shows Information About the Challenges People Face

The chart below shows information about the challenges people face when they go to live in other countries. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The chart below shows information about the challenges people face

The chart below illustrates data on the difficulties foreigners face in other countries

Overall, learning the local language is most difficult among the elderly while the young adults find it easier. Also, the youth find it more challenging when making friends whereas it is less difficult for the old ones to make friends and get a resident

To begin with, about 54% of old age groups find it hard to learn the country’s local language as compared to 18-34 year groups who get it less hard to catch up with the language. Around 22% and 23% of over 55-year groups find it less challenging to get a place to live and make friends respectively. Approximately 29% of the youth catch up easily with the local language and 46% harder socializing and also 40% in finding somewhere to live.

Again, 35% of old adults (35- 54) find it somehow less demanding to learn the country’s language and 39% more demanding to get a place to stay. Around 36% of middle-age groups find it more challenging hanging out

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