You Are a Student at An English Language School in Brighton

You are a student at an English language school in Brighton and are living in private accommodation with other flatmates. You have not had hot water or heating for some time. The landlord’s workmen have tried to fix the problem but without success. Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter:

  • State your reason for writing describe the problems
  • Explain how you feel propose a solution 
  • And risk the landlord to take action

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to express my annoyance on the facility of hot water supply and heating systems available in our accommodation.

Although the concerned mechanic tried to mend the problem but was unable to rectify it.

I would like to further add that due to cold weather in the region so staying without adequate heating systems is not possible to live. We are paying you a good amount of rent and that too without any delay, and the kind of facilities we are getting is worse. The workmen deputed by you to repair was very casual about dealing with the problem and ignored the urgency of the problem. 

I would like to suggest that the complete apartment needs a renovation so you can shift us to the basement for the time being in order to act without further delay and resolve the infrastructure issues in the apartment.

I hope this letter is an eye-opener for you and urgent action will be taken on priority.

Yours sincerely

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